Thursday, May 7, 2009


Why do people find it necessary to dress in matching aloha print outfits when they come to Hawaii? It just screams tourist.

So very entertaining though.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Bekah's Boyfriend

Most girls are looking for their Prince Charming. At my school sometimes it seems that there are plenty of options and sometimes it seems like pretty slim pickins. But my room mate Bekah has an excellent back up plan. His name is Andre, but we refer to him as Bekah's boyfriend, and he works at Taco Bell. Due to the unfortunate lack of dining options where we live, we frequent Taco Bell. Which Andre takes to mean that we love him and we need to see him everyday. Which is just not the case. The other options are Subway (its the TB alternative) Laie Chop Suey (out of the question) and McDonalds (also out of the question.) Sample dialog:
Andre: Hey Girl
Bekah: Hi
Andre: You're mine girl. These boys they're lookin at you but you're mine. Those boys can have these other girls (Gestures with his head to me and Kenz)
Bekah: (awkward silence and giggling)
Andre: what do you want today? 7 burritos? haha (he always tries to make jokes but they are NEVER funny)
and so on.....
So whenever we are hungry we have to weigh the options: TB with Bekah's boyfriend OR Subway. We usually choose Subway.
Andre always conveniently tries to find something to do out in the dining area while we are there. He blantly stares over at us, but what can i say we're cute!

And the biggest bonus ever for this situation? He has a dagger tattoo on his forearm. Sexy.

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