Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just hold your horses while I compose a post about my aunt.

My dad's only sister. You're gonna LOVE the secrets revealed.
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The other day I was watching tv.

It was a show from England. Supernanny. There were subtitles.
Excuse me we don't need subtitle even though they have an accent its still English!
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I am a moron.

I got into the elevator.
There were only 2 floors.
I don't think you shold have to press a button if there's only one place to go. If your up you go down. If your down you go up. Duh.
I didn't press the button.
Then I wondered why the elevator didn't move for 3 minutes.
It didn't move until someone else on the other floor pressed the button to call the elevator down.
It should just go automatically! Hello people!
I feel like a moron anyways.....
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