Friday, February 26, 2010

I like to wear dresses.

They're the easiest outfit because I don't have to match pants and a shirt and a jacket and shoes and accessories altogether. I just throw on a dress and some sandals. But it always backfires on me. I guess people don't understand my reasoning. I wore a dress today and all day long people kept saying "oh why are you so dressed up?" "you look so fancy!" It was especially annoying at BYU-Hawaii when I wore a dress on Tuesday because then people would say "Oh you dressed up for devotional." To which I would say, "No I was just in a hurry this morning." And they would give me a funny look.

I do things backwards I guess. The days I wear a dress are the days I didn't have time to match together an outfit. I want to go back to fifty years ago when all women wore cute dresses and then I could wear them and no one would say anything.

*PS I am not asking to be ignored when wearing a dress, I still like compliments on my outfits. Just realize that dresses aren't fancy or out of place for everyday wear, they are just comfortable and easy. :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A few nights ago,

my fam got invited to an amazing dinner. Beautiful house, beautiful people and some of the best food ever.

In the car on the way home the fam was discussing how wonderful the dinner was.

Puff chimed in from the back seat, "Umm yeah. I had eighths!"

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dear Vogue

Go back to third grade where you learn

that the table of contents is supposed to be the second page in a book (after the title page)
and not the 50th page.

Its annoying,
Thank You

Monday, February 22, 2010

I miss Hawaii today.

I miss:

going to class with sand on my feet, but it's acceptable because everyone else has sandy feet too

making home made mac and cheese with Pocahontas

walking on the beach

the breeze in the treehouse

tennis, Savers and dance parties with MM

Costco trips

Acai bowls

shopping, drinking Coke and car parties with Kenz

Haliewa Eats and Ruby Tuesdays

Toe nail painting parties

17th ward

Hawaiian Sunsets

But I DO NOT miss school :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sometimes I wish

I could just fall asleep in church. Like when I was little and I would lie down on my mommy's lap and she would scratch my back. I wanted to trade places with Puff when he fell asleep on Leena Lou's lap. Sometimes it stinks to be a grown-up.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Everyday, Puff says at least 10 things that

make our entire family laugh and laugh. He is very very funny.

You probably won't find this funny if you aren't LDS.

Last week when I was making Valentine cards, Puff wanted to make some. He grabbed some paper and started gluing all of this stuff onto it.

Sort of jokingly I said "Wow you are a really good gluer!"

Without hesitation he said "uhh yeah I learned SOMETHING in Primary!"

I love Pinkberry.

Like the original Pinkberry only. The copy-cats don't taste the same. Puff joined our girls night out for this delightful treat. When we arrived he insisted "I don't think I'll like this. Why are we here?"

And when we left, "Umm when can we come back?"

Friday, February 19, 2010

Just Maybe #10

Maybe, just maybe my cousin Tara has a killer Irish accent. For a week we had our entire EFY group convinced that she was actually visiting from Ireland for the summer. On another occasion she had our friend Ren's boyfriend convinced that she was retarted. But that's another story.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My little friend Emma

loves me. However she does not really like my sister, which doesn't make any sense because kids LOVE LOVE LOVE Leena Lou. But for some reason when Leena watched Emma, she spends the entire time wondering when her mom will be home.  When I was with Emma the other day, she asked me who I was talking to on the phone. I told her I was talking to my sister. She said "Do I know your sister? Is she at your house?" 
I showed Emma a picture of Leena Lou and she got very excited and said "OH I think I am friends with her!"

I said "Ya Emma you are!"

Hopefully she forgot she ever disliked Leena Lou.

This is a perfectly safe situation.

This is Abby up (really really high) in a Mulberry tree. It had been raining a lot and the branches were slippery. What is the need for putting her in the seemingly dangerous situation? Blame her school.

There comes a time in every great education where the teacher decides it would be a great idea to raise a few silk worms. Their diet consists solely of Mulberry leaves. It becomes less of a great idea if you consider that there is only one Mulberry tree around here. Its prime location is in the fenced area of a "leash-free large dog park."And I mean large as in large animals, not a large location.

So I brought Abby and Michael to the large dog park (without a dog) bags in hand and ready to collect food for the silk worms. All the leaves on the ground were covered in dog poop. We sent Abby up the tree (she is quite a monkey) to collect leaves and drop them down to us. And we were in a hurry.

As soon as she began to climb the tree, an old lady made her way over with her large dog Duchess. Seemingly harmless at first, she observed for a moment. Then she started throwing her dog's tennis ball from right next to the tree. Next, she said "This is really dangerous. She needs to get down."

I looked at her and smiled a bit, but was completely ignoring her.

Old Lady: "Excuse me young lady. You need to get her down right away."

Me: ignoring her

OL: "I'm not gonna help you when she breaks her neck."

Me: "Thats ok her dad is a doctor."

OL: "This is ridiculous. You can't just come to a park and let kids climb trees.!"

Me: ignoring her

OL: "The branches are slippery. Get her down right away!"

At this point I was super annoyed. We had enough leaves but just to bug the lady I looked up at Abby and told her to climb higher and get some more leaves.

Then I turned to the lady and said "Kids have been climbing trees for hundreds of years and they're fine."

She gave me the evil eye and walked away to play with her dog. Sometimes I just have to be a little sassy!

*Abby was fine. She got down out of the tree without incident and the silk worms are well fed.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ok Ok I have some good excuses

for not blogging in a while. Don't worry, I still love it. I will give my excuses. Take them or leave them

1. My camera is broken. I just got it back

2. I made an unexpected trip to Utah for a funeral

3. My sister thinks my computer belongs to her, and I have to admit: her school assignments trump my blogging

4. The Olympics

5. Work

6. The Olympics (I am watching Shaun White as we speak)

Have no fear, many new adventures to come.

Ok but seriously, back to the Olympics......
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