Wednesday, September 30, 2009

To say the least, Puff has some

interesting dining habits. When he was little, he would only eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches if they were dipped in ranch dressing. But what little kid doesn't like ranch dressing? Then he moved onto the lovely concoction of Root Beer with parmesan cheese delicately floating on the top. We teased him about this for a long time. It is disgusting. After a while, he begged and begged for us to give it up.

"I don't do stuff like that anymore!"

As a courtesy we dropped the topic. No more reminiscing about the days of PB&J w/ ranch and parmesan Root Beer. We dropped it until I caught him red-handed at the dinner table slipping back into his old habits.

You may ask what I caught Puff eating? Well, just a vanilla ice cream cone

with a few drizzles of

A-1 Steak Sauce.

He will never hear the end of it now!

My friend Sam

brought an abundance of starfruit to school yesterday. I brought one home to share with my roomies.
It is definately the cutest fruit.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Mustaches and Games

Family mustache photo. Kenz is wearing MM's left red cowboy boot. I am pulling off MM's right cowboy boot. What and attractive family portrait.

Roomie Suzanne



We had mexican food for dinner, so naturally we spoke spanish and drew mustaches on each other. It's totally normal, so don't worry.

Then we played Oh Well and for once, I didn't come in last place!

Matt (it's Kenz's cousin)

MM Pulling them off!

Suzanne, Me and Kenz. Cute roomies.

Electric Beach and Waikiki

Electric Beach is on the west side of Oahu across the street from a power plant. The plant sends hot water out through huge pipes under the ocean. As a result, the water is alot warmer which attracts lots and lots of tropical fish.

In a devestating turn of events, Kenz had to work and didn't get to come. Me, MM, Pocahontas, Mustapha, Heath, Matt, Nate, Cowdrey, and some other people snorkeled and played in the ocean. Some of us played football. Some of us read. Some of us laid out and listened to music. And one of us wore inappropriately short, tight green euro trunks.

It was a beautiful day.

Me and Pocahontas enjoying the sun.

The beautiful sunset.

After the beach, we went to Waikiki because Mustapha and Heath had never been. We looked beachy and unattractive but it was so much fun. We went to one of my favorite restuarants, The Cheesecake Factory.

MM, Me and Pocahontas

After dinner, we went to Wal-Mart. When you live in Hawaii without a car, going to Wal-Mart is a coveted event. Infrequent visits mean that you have a long shopping list when you actually get to go. We had a full car and by the time we had made all our purchases and loaded them in the car, the car was full. Poor Matt was buried in the back with all of our stuff. But he was a trooper.

On the way home, we went to Laniakea beach to visit the sea turtles.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The day Tennis got Rained Out

Tennis the other night was interesting. First, MM served the ball and it went flying over and hit my hair. It dislodged a piece of my ponytail. We played for a while and then it started raining. I announced that it was unsafe to play tennis when the courts are wet because they get slippery.

So we packed up to leave the courts.

Leave it to me to not listen to my own advice, because when we were about to walk out the gate, I totally slipped and fell flat on my back.

That is the sure fire way to find out who your friends are. Friends will help you up, good friends will giggle and then help you up and best friends just laugh uncontrollably until someone snorts. Thank you Kenz and MM for starting a fit of laughter for ever and ever.

And then helping me up.

I am amazed I still have any friends.

For a few days this week, I was a


For my class, "Conventions and Meeting Planning" we had to volunteer at the Senior Citizen Expo. 3 Days and 20 hours of volunteering. The first day, my classmates and I had a never ending task. The man in charge, Mike wanted his face to be on the front of all the programs. The printing company had printed them out of order so we had to re-order the pages of 30,000 programs. Pull out the middle of each and every program and put the middle pages onto the front.

Since I am always in a good mood, I didn't really mind helping out. Some of my classmates were not so happy about it. I started a competition to see who could do a stack of 250 the fastest. Of course I won, and I am thinking of changing my profession to a professional newspaper re-orderer.

Once upon a time

Pocahontas was so tired she fell fast asleep on the kitchen counter.

Kissing Rugby

For FHE we played kissing rugby. Here are the hilarious rules: Pocahontas sits on the ground in the middle of the room. The boys are lined up on one side and the girls on the other. When your number is called, you run to the middle. Luke is trying to kiss Pocahontas before Ming kisses Luke. I laughed so hard.

Senior Citizens Day 2 & 3

They came from near and far. Lured with promises of flu shots, free pens, Costco muffins, scandalous entertainment, raffles, cookie samples, walk in bath tubs, toilet seat raisers and the ever popular Humana bags.

The air was fresh with the smell of icy hot and baby powder.

First, I got to pass out programs to the eager people coming in the door. This was a very demanding job and to be efficient, I had to be able to throw programs like ninja stars as they came storming in.

Once my friend Ted and I got our next assignment, it started to become very clear that I would prefer to stick to my ninja skills as a program girl.

I am not quite sure why, but old people love free stuff. They also love gambling. Since you cannot gamble in Hawaii, they decided to settle for spinning the wheel with the high hopes of winning a free XXL t-shirt, a chip bag clip or a bottle of hand sanitizer. The Humana Insurance Company's booth combined both of these events and included a prize wheel AND a re-usable grocery bag giveaway at their booth. This is where things got out of control. They were not prepared for thousands of people to attend their booth. The line quickly extended all the way up the aisle, through the next three aisles and out the door around the building.

Because of the obvious fire hazard, we had to keep the aisles clear. The solution to this problem was to break the line at each aisle. This left us with small groups of restless seniors at each aisle. Thinking the line was short, people kept trying to cut the line. Much like small children waiting in a line, there was alot of whining, tantrums, screaming, pushing and the rubber leg. Sassy old ladies do not like to be told that they need to wait their turn. They want a blue Humana bag and a chance to spin the wheel RIGHT NOW!!
I spent the next 7 hours standing with my arms out, holding back the masses of restless blue hairs and practically shouting
"If you want a blue Humana bag, you need to get in the end of the line by the doors"
This realization that they could not cut into the middle of the line was always follwed by a tantrum of some sort.

My favorite tantrum was thrown by an old woman who announced "I will not be waiting in that line!"
I said "If you want to be in line for a blue Humana bag, you need to get in the end of the line by the doors."
At this point, I was a little frusterated and sick of old people. She put up a good fight for about 3 minutes. Back and forth, back and forth. Since she was behaving like a two year old, I reciprocated the behavior.
"You are not being nice and it's not fair! If you want a blue bag you need to get into the back of the line!"

She sulked away. And then I got to be on duty in the information booth for the rest of the day.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Epic Tennis Sesh!

Me and Kenz. Sweaty but happy.

Me, Kenz, Mustapha, Pocahontas and Mike

Pocahontas in action. She just discovered that she likes tennis. And after a few short tutorials from me, she is really really good!

Kenz is also really good. And really competitive...

MM, who came straight from the Math Lab but of course didnt want to be left out. Hence the bare feet, rolled up jeans, and the floral print shirt with sparkly buttons.

Our new friend Mustapha. He is from Lebanon. He told us he wasnt good at tennis. But our opinion changed after he quickly became the king of the court.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Opening Social

At the beginning of each semester, we always make lofty goals to be more social. As a result, we went to the opening social this weekend. It was "this" much fun.

We participated in the zoo of a book sale, watched volleyball and basketball, walked around by the bounce house toys. Then we went to Taco Bell. It was "this" much fun.

After Taco Bell, we came home and had a dance party, photo booth sesh, epic pick-up line war, youtube party (which led to uncontrollable laughter, falling off the bed  and snorting because we were laughing so hard.) Then on to and It was "this" much fun.

And people wonder why we don't like school activities...

I have a wierd phobia of

wet grass touching my feet. Its ok for my feet to get wet. Or dirty. Or muddy. Or sandy. But I hate the feeling of all those little wet blades of grass tickling and itching my feet and depositing little droplets of water on my feet. I go to great lengths to avoid walking on wet grass. If there is a short cut across wet grass and I have sandals on (which is most of the time in Hawaii), I would rather take the time to walk on the pathway instead of the short cut.

A little disclaimer: I am not a psycho, I can make myself walk on wet grass, it is just something I would rather avoid. Much like people visiting their in-laws, going to the dentist, going to the DMV. You can make yourself do these things, you'd just rather not. I don't have OCD or some debilitating fear of wet grass. Although I hear all the time that dogs often have a fear of their paws touching wet grass. So I am in good company. Me and man's best friend.

So last night, Pocahontas wanted to sit on some benches in the middle of a big patch of grass. One step onto the grass was all it took for me to take a flying leap back onto the safety of the dry concrete and announce

"The grass is wet!"

Pocahontas gave me a piggy back ride over to the benches and life was good. We sat there, chatted, saw friends, got serenaded with a private guitar concert, listened to The Script and watched the manly man of the basketball team put on my pink Juicy sweatshirt because he was cold.

It was all fun and games until it was time to leave the benches. Luckily, MM came to the rescue. I graciously accepted his offer for a piggyback ride across the itchy wet grass. I hopped on and he started walking. The problem came when he stopped in the middle of the grass and said

"Hey do you want a shoulder ride?"

"Umm no thanks. Just take me over to the sidewalk please"

"No. I think you want a shoulder ride. C'mon it will be fun."

Although I don't normally give in to peer pressure (thanks to D.A.R.E) this time I had to. It was either get on MM's shoulders or get left in the middle of the wet grass. I didn't have long to think about these options because by this time, MM was already hoisting me up onto his shoulders. What had started as an innocent piggy back ride took an unexpected twist.It was terrifying. But I won't lie, it was a little fun.

And such are the measures I have to take to keep my feet from touching wet grass. Even if it's in the form of terrifying shoulder rides.
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