Friday, October 28, 2011

Tonight I am going

on a double date/ blind date.

I'll let you know how that goes......................

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Grammar Police #1

In just 10 minutes on facebook I saw all 3 of these:

It's "first come, first served" NOT "first come, first serve"

And come on. Whipped cream. Not whip cream.

Best of all, "after 2 surgeries I can finally breath." oh yeah. Cuz we all need to breath.

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

A little update

I posted a video on MAC's facebook wall of some of the childrens music that my aunt listens to and that we used to listen to when we were younger. Read my aunt's comment and that will prove my whole point:

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I really need an answer to this.

It is ok to go up to someone and tell them their fly is down.

It is ok to tell someone they have lettuce in their teeth.

It is ok to tell someone there is toilet paper stuck to the bottom of their shoe.

It is ok to tell someone that they've dropped something (a doller, a paper...)

It is ok to tell someone there is a hair on their black sweater and then pick it off.

It is ok to tell someone that there is an eyelash on their cheek.

Everytime I see a girl wearing shorts so short that her butt cheeks are hanging out I feel like it would be common courtesy to tell her as in the above situations. As in: you can't possibly know that everyone can see your butt or you wouldn't be out in public? Right? 

Why is this not ok?

I petition to get this added to the list of common stranger courtesies.

3 Quirky/ Hilarious things my dad does:

(this will be even better if you've met him)

1) When we go to a drive through he pulls up so the person sitting behind the driver does all the work. If you're sitting behind him then he rolls down your window and makes you place the order and pay and pick it up. He says "I can't understand a word they're saying."
Then he wonders why the workers get so confused when he drives right past them.

2) He gets in trouble for playing with the dog at inappropriate times such as: whenever my mom wants his attention, during general conference, during family prayer and occasions like that. If we're lucky it comes down to my mom saying "John if you don't stop playing with Fluffy you're both going outside!"

3)Everytime we go to the grocery store, he pays and then asks the checker "How much money did I save with my club card?" Then the checker has to frantically and awkwardly find the line on the mile long receipt that says "You saved $3.08 today!" They tell him and he says "Good. Thanks" and leaves.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Obviously I have met Cinderella before.

Last week at D-Land I met Drizella, Anastasia and Lady Tremaine.

Now if only I could meet Prince Charming my life would be complete!

One day Leena Lou and I wore the same shirt.

That's what happens when you buy shirts for $3 at Forever 21

The best days at work are when

The mullet man comes to water and sing to the office plants. Yes you read that right.

This is my cousin's baby Lexi.

I LOVE her!!

This is Puff at In-N-Out.

He has "shots" of Rootbeer in ketchup cups. He prefers to drink all his beverages out of his shot glass collection.

This is Leena Lou before church.

She was like "Well I guess I don't need my knife in there" and tossed it out of her purse onto the floor.

A few weeks later MM and I took her to the airport. She would have gone through security with that thing if MM wouldn't have held his hand out (as a joke) and said "Leena give me your knife." She said "Oh yeah I almost forgot!" and dug it out of her purse.

Family Photos by the talented Matt Clayton

Resourcefulness at its finest.

"Well I didn't want you to have to wash a cup Kirs"

I'm not a fan of these. Don't be offended.

 I like owls and owl hats.
I love babies.
Not a good combination.
I have seen way too many birth announcements with similar pictures.

 Umm excuse me, did you have a baby or did you hatch a bird?

If you are easily jealous,skip this one.

Announcing the family trip of 2012

Know where it is?

Yep, you guessed it.


Seriously SO EXCITED!

I absolutely adore my aunt.

This is my dad's older (and only) sister.
I love her to bits. She is hilarious and wonderful.
I went to Finland with her and my grandma when I was 18.
We have Christmas Eve dinner at her house every year and it's so fun!
She has alot of cats and adopts all the neighborhood cats. (They love her too.)

You've been waiting for 7+ months to learn her dirty little secret. I hope you aren't disappointed.

She listens exclusively to children's music.

Hop into her van and you won't hear the radio. You won't hear country music or rap or pop or talk radio or the news. You will hear THIS, THIS and THIS. And only this. There is singing along and it's loud. Please turn your computer up all the way and sing along for the most realistc effect. Watch ALL 3 videos. If you don't think this is funny then you don't have a sense of humor and I am totally offended.

Did I mention that these are all on casette tapes? Yeah one day she copied them for me and Mac to listen to. We practically wore the tapes out. But sometimes we listen to them for old times sake (and to drive Puff nuts.) I guess you could say I'm turning into my aunt. Fine with me :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Not ok!!

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