Friday, July 24, 2009

Carrie Underwood Concert

My absolute favorite singer ever came to the fair near my house. This was the second chance I got to see her and I loved every minute of it! I went with my sister Leena Lou and we sat in the fifth row which was very exciting. She was so beautiful and had the cutest shoes.

Excuse the sweaty melty makeup look. It was so hot.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Window Friend

My little brother Puff, decided he wanted to participate in 4-H. Now this is great fun for me because I used to participate in 4-H when i was younger so it conjures up lots of childhood memories. Cons: smelly animals, waking up super early, stupid hats. Pros: wierd people and the potential to make money.

Puff, Mommy and Boodle

What do I mean by wierd people? Well let me just tell you about a boy in my brother's group who we call "window friend" One day I got the pleasure of taking Puff to his pig meeting. We pull up to the house where it is to be held and stumble upon this disturbing sequence of events. Instead of using the front door to greet his fellow pig group members, window friend climbs exclusively in and out the window that is right next to the front door.

My poor little brother just stared over in that direction in horror.
Puff: Kirs can you go in with me?
Me: Oh cmon Puff you can go.
Puff: NO! You have to come with me or I am not going!
Can you blame him?

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