Saturday, July 31, 2010

Well, I DO like crafts.

I decided my beach bag was too boring.
So I went to work. I love crafts that are part sewing part glue gun.
Cuz sometimes I get SO frustrated with the sewing machine! Like when it comes un-threaded all the time.
But I will give Amy (that's my sewing machine's name) a break because I have had her since I was 9.
Which is a long time. I'm turning into an old maid.
I managed to make my beach bag into a ruffle extravaganza!
Love it!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Sometimes I forget how beautiful it is

in my own backyard. We drove to the beach just to look at it for a minute.
We brought Thrifty's ice cream, which made it even better.
Couldn't catch Puff in a normal pose.
Pismo Beach is so pretty!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mac shattered the glass on our french door

with the weed whacker. It was an accident.
I think it looks really pretty.
Everyday someone will come over to our house and make a comment about how it looks cool and we should leave it like that. If it weren't so dangerous, we just might.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The treatful-est people gather at the fair.

This particular girl spent the entire concert attempting to pull the back of her low-rise pants up.
I felt like tapping this girl on the shoulder and saying
"You know, if you buy shirts with backs you wouldn't have to
spend so much time pulling your pants up."

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Puff and Leena Lou have trouble saying words that end in NG.

They can say the words. They just don't say the G.

Word: going
Puff/Leena Lou translation: go-een
Used in a sentance: "Oh I'm just go-een to work."

Word: driving
Puff/Leena Lou translation: dry-veen
Used in a sentance: "Are you dry-veen or am I?"

Word: bleeding
Puff/Leena Lou translation: bleed-eeen
Used in a sentance: "Is the bottom of my foot bleed-eeen?"

Got it?

Thus began the confusion of this conversation a few days ago.

Mac: K everyone let's go on a family walk

Puff: Where are we gonna go?

Mac: Just our usual walk

Puff: Oh, Mac, I don't want to go on a lawn walk!

Mac: Huh?

Puff: I don't want to go on a lawn walk!

Mac: I don't understand. We aren't gonna walk on anyone's lawn.

Dead silence. Mac has an ah-ha moment.

Mac: Oh Puff. Don't worry it won't be a long walk. It'll just be a short one!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Harry Potter's got nothing on Miss Pickett

When I was little, I loved this book. Now that I am not little, I still love this book. It is the most magical book ever. When ever someone tries to peer pressure me into reading Harry Potter, I just think to myself "No thanks I'd rather read Miss Pickett."
Only 73 Pages.
No midnight showings with people dressed in capes and forehead scars fashioned with eyeliner.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Reason #1: Why I'm an eligible Bachelorette

Actually, three reasons.
Presenting three of my "non-performable talents"

1. I am really excellent with the self-timer on a camera. There is never an excuse to not have a group picture, even if there is no-one to take it for you.
2. You know after dinner is over and there is leftover salad, mashed potatoes, soup, rice etc...? And you look at the food and you look at the tupperware sizes. And you keep looking, trying desperately to figure out which tupperware will hold exatctly all the food without having too much extra space. But at the same time enough space to hold all the food without having to switch to a bigger container. I am good at that. Really good. I have yet to guess wrong. When we clean up the kitchen, everyone asks me which tupperware to use and I quickly assess the left over situation and then choose the appropriate size.
3. My third non-performable talent is eating in the car while I'm driving. I think it goes along with my amazing multi-tasking skills. I never swerve out of the lines or hit the thunderstrip. I can eat anything in the car and still be a really safe driver and not make a mess. Especially Pinkberry. I think I have alot of practice.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wicked is def in my top 3 best musicals ever.

We ventured to S.F. so Hannah Banana could see it. We stopped at Nordstrom Rack where I got the cutest sandals ever and Hannah Banana found the riding boots of her dreams. But that's another story. Trust me.

Our photo shoot outside didn't last long, it was so cold.
The three girlies.
Leena Lou and Hannah Banana at dinner.
If you have the opportunity to see Wicked ever, you need to see it. I promise you will not be bored for even one minute.

Friday, July 23, 2010

After Hearst Castle, we decided to

get Mani/Pedis. Read about that here.
After that we went to the Avila Farmer's Market.
Daddy kept himself entertained with a bag of kettle corn.
Puff and Hannah Banana with our flowers.
We made Puff carry everything. He is a super helpful little lamb. The best little brother ever.
We had to go to the FM to track down this stuff. It is so yummy.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hearst Castle with Hannah Banana

The best part was riding in Bucky Kentucky, or as Mac calls him "The Transporter" (you have to say it in a deep voiced British accent)
My fam has been to Hearst Castle many times because everyone who visits us wants to go, but it is a magical place so we don't mind.
Mac, Mommy and Daddy
Givin Puff some lovin while we wait for the bus to go up the mountain.
They play the funniest music on the bus and Mac insisted that we listen to it in the car onm the way as well.
Getting exctied for our tour!
I really like the people behind my parents. We should have cheered them up a little....
Me and Hannah Banana by one of the pools
The group in front of the main house.Taken by a sweet lady who apparently didn't know how to include the top of the building in the photograph.

In the kitchen. Which was my favorite because I love to cook. It was huge.
My other fave place, the tennis courts.
Add it to the Mac and Hannah Banana album :)
After Hearst Castle, we went to TB. Even though Andre doesn't work at this one, we still had fun.
Puff's favorite thing to do it mix two sodas together and then try to stump me when I guess which ones they are. But I am never stumped. I guess it right. Every time.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Crabbing is a favorite activity of my fam.

I will warn you in advance, the problem is that we have been crabbing many times and only caught one crab. Ever.
Sometimes we catch mutant starfish and squid.
It's still fun anyway.
Here's Hannah Banana after the sea lions scared her to death when we went down the stairs to visit one. We named our favorite one Slicky and tried to feed him a little fish snack, but he wasn't interested. Those snobby sea lions apparently didn't like 99 cent fish imported from India.
Here are Mac and Puff baiting the traps. Mommy came along but she opted for the "nap in the car" kind of crabbing. It was cold. We read on a red-neck website that you should just wrap the fish in foil and set it on your engine while you drive to warm it up and make it all smelly for the crabs. Umm gross.
I got to be the paper towel girl.
The sea lions spoke to us, but only Hannah Banana speaks sea lion. So you'll have to ask her what they were saying.
Getting ready to put the first trap down.
Here I go with mine.

Puff and Mac set their traps.
Next we played Phase 10. In the ideal crabbing sitch, I would say that we played cards while we the crabs fell for our bait and climbed onto the traps. But it didn't really work out.
We didn't finish the card game but I was losing.
See, here we are after the second time pulling up the traps and still NOTHING.
As a bonus, I present a glamour shot of Hannah Banana and me.
As you may know, I hate fish. I will eat soosh and an occasional tuna sandwich but I really don't like whole fish. I braved the fish gloves to pull the fish off the trap and try to feed Slicky again, but instead I just dropped the fish on a sea lions head. He woke up, scared half to death and rolled into the water. I felt bad after I saw how much effort it took him to get back up onto the pier.
Hannah Banana braved the fish gloves as well. Gross.
Hopefully sometime in the near future we will actually catch a crab or two!
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