Monday, August 31, 2009

Harvey's Party

Tonight I hosted a birthday party

Harvey made a batch of rice crispy treats into a train complete with candy and gummy bear passengers. Well you know, it looks like a train if you use a little imagination. Haha. It looked better before we started eating it.

Harvey, Me, Connie, Katie and Deidra

Then we played Apples to Apples and Battle of the Sexes

And Katie proceeded to pronounce the word "miraculous" as "mer-ah-cue-less." Yes, shes in college.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

This is one of my favorite

Spy cam pictures. It fits both of the criteria: a) the subject didn't know they were being photographed and b) it wasn't really appropriate to take a picture.
This was at Christmas time. We were in church. You can see the choir singing in the background. I didn't think the choir was bad, but Tanz decided it was necessary to plug his ears.

Exactly one week ago,

I was in the grocery store with A and some of his friends. We were purchasing snacks to sneak into the movie theater. I took a step and my sandal broke! Mind you these are one of my favorite pairs of sandals and I have had them for over two years. It was a tragic shoe accident. I went to the movie theater barefoot. In any other state, I may not have been let into the movie. But in Hawaii no shoes and no shirt is not only acceptable, it is practically encouraged.
Fast-forward to tonight. I was in Ross looking for a black skirt to wear to work (success) and I decided to browse the shoes. Naturally. Because I love shoes. All of the sudden my eyes beheld the most wonderful sight! There were my favorite shoes. The exact same ones. My size AND on sale for $6.99.
I'd say I had some good luck today!

Today I

Went here
to this wonderful place
And ate this: original tart frozen yogurt with raspberries, mango and shredded coconut
With a baby blue spoon
I loved it!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

This Bugs Me!

I love my house. I like my landlords, except for the fact that they come to stay at the house every weekend. So every Friday and Saturday night they make crazy demands for the hours after about 8:30p.m. such as:

You can't watch TV. Well, you can but you just can't have the volume on.

Don't make any noise when you are going up the stairs. Which basically prohibits you from going upstairs because they are creaky and loud.

No talking above a whisper.

Absolutely no laughing.

Any violation of the above rules (or any other ridiculous rule made up on the spot) will result in one of two things

1) The landlord will pound on the wall and yell "GIRLS SHUT UP" or "WE'RE TRYING TO SLEEP" or "DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT TIME IT IS?" (of course we know what time it is. it's like 8:00)

2) If you're lucky, the landlord will get out of bed and nosily come up the stairs. (She can't even keep her own rules) And then proceed to tell you the lengthy story of the reason it is imperative to sit in TV-less, laughter-less silence for the weekend. I should know it better after hearing it so much, but I usually just tune her out. The story involves various elements about how her bedroom window is right by the stairs and we signed a contract saying we would be quiet and her husband is missing 3 ribs and the rest of his ribs are cracked.
By now, my friends and I have gotten used to all this nonsense.

The part I will never get over is the fact that today (Saturday) at exactly 6:03 a.m. my lovely landlord and her husband decided it would be a good idea to operate heavy machinery, pound nails, yell at each other, mow the lawn, laugh, play the radio, watch the news and let their dogs bark.

How is that fair?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Harvey!

I hope he doesn't read my blog because he won't like this picture. But HAPPY BIRTHDAY anyway!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

When I was at work

today, a girl came into work looking for her teacher. That teacher was out of the office. So I said, "You can write you name and phone number down and I will give it to the teacher when he gets back." I looked over at my rainbow selection of post-its and selected a blue one. I handed it to her with a pen and she started writing. A minute later, she handed me back the post-it and it looked like this:


I stared at it for a long time (a little too long for a senior in college, I think) before I realized that the long word was her phone number.

At my place of learning,

we have this natural phenomenon that you just have to experience to believe.

It goes like this:

1) Aliens

2) The Bermuda Triangle

3) "Nessie" (Nessie is a gentle creature. We're trying to stay away from words like monster)

4) The Northern Lights

5) The pyramids

6) Bigfoot (who ever says he isn't real has obviously never seen "A Goofy Movie")

7) The Squishy Grass at BYU Hawaii

Directly in front of the "Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve" sign at my place of learning is grass that is bouncy like a bounce house. Seriously.

Until the magical day that you get the opportunity to take of your shoes, and bounce on the squishy grass,

You'll just have to take my word for it.

My bestie Kenz

has lots of good advice. Her knowledge never ceases to amaze me.

She happily announces "Don't do anything I wouldn't do twice!" when you leave the house (extra emphasis when you leave the house with a boy)

"Always have an afternoon nap. I love naps"

When we cook, she insists that everything can be cooked using a) "George" (her red George Foreman) or b) her quesadilla maker. She is right 90% of the time.

Not that I ever doubted her words of wisdom, but I was especially grateful for them this morning when I woke up with a huge headache.

"Coke and Canadian Advil can get rid of all your aches and pains"

Once again, Kenz was right.
Instead of breakfast I went to get a Coke and took two Advil.
My headache was gone before I got to work!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Movie Review: Julie and Julia

I loved this movie. It had three of my favorite things: Eating, Blogging and cooking! My only complaint- Couldn't they have made Amy Adams more attractive? She is so cute in Enchanted, but they didn't do much for her in this movie. (P.S. Did you know that Enchanted has a little princess secret in it? The women who are the voices of Pocahontas, Ariel and Belle have small parts in Enchanted. Thanks Leena Lou) :)
It was still great though. When it was over, I wanted to watch it again.

Manly Men + Rats = Entertainment

I was sitting at my desk at work this morning. One of my tasks is to greet everyone who comes into the office. Since I boycott the way to commonly used and super cheesy "Aloha", I said a cheerful "Good Morning" to young adult males that walked in. One carried a yellow ladder and one carried a tool bag. Both were buff, tough looking and ready to get to work. They looked like the typical physical plant workers, who always just do their own thing without trying to disturb people, so I figured these boys knew what to do. But they stood there confused for a minute, so I said "Can I help you?"
"Ummm. Apparently we are here to check the rat traps in the attic" Worker 2 responded.
"Oh. Ok." I said "Go ahead"
They responded with a hesitant "Thanks" and went into the copy room.
In that instant I figured out that rat trap checking isn't in their usual job description.
In a normal situation I would have just resumed my work. But this was not a normal situation.
I could hear these two huge manly guys in the other room, arguing.
Worker 1"No. YOU get up on the ladder and I'll hold the bag."
Worker 2"NO WAY! I'm older. You get up on the ladder."
W1 "Ok fine. But next time we switch."
W2 "Deal"
W1 put on rubber gloves and proceeded up the ladder to open up the attic cover. W2 held up a trash bag next to the ladder, ready to receive the prize.
What happened next, is very hard to describe except to say there was alot of shrill and very girly screaming coming from those two boys.

W1 was on the ladder was holding a glue trap with two harmless and dead baby rats attached. He screamed and dropped it into the bag like a very hot potato and started to climb down the ladder. Then W2 dropped the bag and screamed. Then they both started screaming and dancing around and saying "Ewwww thats sooooo grosssss" "We are never doing this again!"
Worker 2 "Those are babies, so where is the mom?"
Worker 1 "OH MY GOSH! That means there are still more up there!"
More frantic screaming and hopping up and down.
Really boys really? Over dead baby rats in a situation where you KNEW there would be dead rats? Not even like they snuck up on you.
And you call yourself men.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Last year for Banana's birthday she was visiting me in Cali. We went to paint pottery :) This year I just have to wish her Happy Birthday from Hawaii.
Happy Birthday TIP!

The Red Hat Society

It is very hard to explain why bestie Kels and I are so amused by the Red Hat Society, but when I saw these two ladies I just had to capture the moment. Nothing against anyone that belongs. I can never dislike anything that involves wearing glitter and bows! It is simply just entertaining. I only have one bone to pick. Who decided that it is a good idea to make the official colors red with purple?
If you want to educate yourself about this entertainment or want to join the tea parties, click here! Haha

What a rip off

By my best count, about HALF of this bag of microwave popcorn didn't pop. What the heck!

I am the ultimate Facebook stalker

I'd be willing to bet that the creators of Facebook never anticipated it being used like this, but seriously. This was necessary.
I attended a beautiful musical fireside tonight. I was a little bit late (trying to make myself look like I had not just woken up) and my cute sparkly shoes were really noisy on the concrete when I was walking in. So my friend and I just sat down as soon as possible in a section of the gym where nobody was sitting. A few minutes later 3 boys came strolling in and sat down right behind us. Putting my college education to good use, I can assure you with 100% certainty that these boys are only here to surf. I could just tell. And really, given the 100s of open seats, I am baffled as to the reason they sat down right behind me.
Immediately after taking their seats, they proceeded to begin a conversation. Nobody was around to "shhhhh" them so they just kept on talking in their normal voices. I learned that Boy A loves hotdogs and he wished he were eating a hot dog right now. Boy B had some kind of operation where they "stuck a huge needle in my neck and then I threw up. Dude it was sick" And Boy C was only there because some girl named Amanda was supposed to meet him there. After he received a text saying she wasn't coming he "had no reason to be there." They talked about baseball and made fun of the singing. Boy A announced he had to go the bathroom and got up and tromped out. Cue Boy B having to "go with him." (For a second I thought they were girls!)
Once all three musketeers were back in their seats texting and discussing if they'd ever had a crush on a teacher, I turned around and gave them the look. The look that politely says "hey please be quiet some of us are trying to listen." But they didn't get the hint. When I turned around, I discovered something very exciting. I knew Boy B. I mean we aren't friends. (Obviously or I would have known about his operation.) But I knew his name from one of my classes.
Right in the middle of their conversation about which is better Monster or Red Bull, I was getting annoyed. I whipped out my Blackberry, got on Facebook, hunted down Boy B's page (which thankfully had his cell number) and composed a text message that said this:
"SHUT UP! Tell your friends! Thanks, The Girl in Front of You"
Then I waited for his phone to vibrate, announcing he had received my little message.
He did.
And there was dead silence the rest of the fireside.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

In case you missed

THESE, you have to check them out.

Of course Scarlett Johansson as Cindy is my fave, but the rest are pretty great as well.

AND the link above doesn't have this one, so you definately need to see Michael Phelps as a "merman."

Call me ten years old

BUT I loved this.

I have been using it as my incentive to study for my finance test all week. I waited and waited and right after I finished my test I came home to watch it. And it didn't disappoint me!

This dress was my favorite.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thank goodness there are only:

Days until all of my friends are back in Hawaii! I can't wait!

I love that

My sister Leena Lou makes the same face everytime she is excited about something. The face mostly makes appearances when there is food involved, but other times as well. Seeing the Aladdin show at California Adventure

Eating an Acai Bowl at Sunset Beach
Seeing Tinkerbell

Eating an eburg milkshake (the best milkshakes in the world)

Strawb smoothies with an umbrella

Carrie Underwood tickets

Acai Bowls again (we may have accidentally went there alot when she visited)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I love getting mail

I was just complaining to my Mommy this morning about how long ago I ordered this book. I ordered it on August 3rd. I guess thats what i get for paying 99 cents on for it. And when I got home from work, It was in the mail box. What good fortune. I can't wait to read it.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 1 of my 50 hour Kauai Trip

Kauai is beautiful. Of the three Hawaiian Islands I have been to, I think Kauai is the prettiest. I had a BLAST in Maui and I love living on Oahu but there is something special about Kauai. I was so thankful to be invited by Banana and I had so much fun with her and her family.
Banana and her dad picked me up from the airport. He was so nice to come get me in the spiffy red car. The airport is small and the flight from Honolulu to Kauai was only 20 minutes. On the way to the hotel we drive through one of the famous attractions in Kauai, the tunnel of trees. Very cool.
At the hotel, The Point at Poipu, we were entertained by this sign. In case you wanted to know, damp floors can be slippery. I met Hannahs mom, who is wonderful. And two of her six sisters, who I also adore. Kayla read an entire book in 24 hours after pretending not to like the first chapter. And Kristen is just plain hilarious. She likes to eat 2 "Fla-va Ices" at the same time.
 Banana put me to work making peach cobbler. That was great fun because we discovered that the microwave has the best button ever, appropriately named JetStart. We used that button exculsively anytime we were cooking. You can't beat peach cobbler and milk drunk out of goblets.
This show Kayla's excitement after using the JetStart button on the microwave.
We went on a night time adventure where we hiked the Hannah Gibby Trail up and back down again. We walked the elephant path to the swimming pool and
took pictures with the BOM/ Narnia lions along the way.
Perhaps one of the most exciting parts of the evening was when Banana suggested we "walk down this trail in the dark" and we got attacked by bats. We started screaming and running back to the lit pathway but the bats were all over the place and flying really close to our faces. The next day we couquered our fear of that trail, but in the daytime when there were no bats in sight.
Found this nice map that allowed us to figure out that we were on the southern coast of Kauai.
To top things off, we began the first part of a two day tradition of nightly hot tubbing. Found a fun noodle, went in the pool and the kiddie pool and then the spa where we awkwardly sat with all the romantic couples. But that was ok because as Banana so unsucessfully explained to her mother, we used to date. (JUST KIDDING) Only Banana will know what I mean.
I felt bad for the Gibby's because they were on Idaho/Utah time and had to get up so early to catch their plane. I'm adjusted to Hawaii time so I was awake at least long enough to know that Banana was asleep and snoring within 60 seconds of getting in bed. Wonderful day 1!
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